Sunday, November 29, 2009

We all need

A good soak

There must be quite a few things that a hot bath won't cure,

but I don't know many of them.

Sylvia Plath


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boys for J Crew

The NY Times says:

“Every line should be unisex. A good piece of clothing is a good piece of clothing no matter who was meant to wear it in the first place.”

Good because I want the solid utility shirt, the anderson tartan bow tie, the secret wash button down and a few other choice items from the boyboy department at JCrew. Extra small for this doll?


Today's seven beautifuls

French pastries, gold buttons, This, Ballet, Lanvin and Etro Spring 2010 RTW, seeing stars in a city and these lovely dresses by Sarah Seven.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Certain Dark Things

Dark Giuseppe Zanotti gems
Dark Urban outfitter's tutu
Dark Marc Jacobs velvet
Dark Chanel paint
and favorite..Dark around the eyes
Photo cred n-a-p, urban and tfs


Wild Open

Seems like everyone is loving a Wild Thing right now.
Opening Ceremony pairs the Ira Full skirt, K.W. fitted dress,
Alexander mini skirt and Judith outdoor vest with Wild Things
bearing the same name.
Photos via opening ceremony.


A fashion alphabet

Abaeté: Ah-bye-ah-tay
Akris: Ah-krees
Alber Elbaz: Al-behr Elle-baz
Alejandro Ingelmo: Ah-lay-han-dro In-jell-mo
Alessandro Dell’Acqua: Ah-less-san-dro Dell-lack-wa
Ann Demeulemeester: Anne Duh-muh-le-mees-ter

Andy Thê-Anh:
An-dee Tay-Ann
Aquascutum: Ah-kwa-skoo-tum
Arthur Mendonça: Ar-thur Men-doe-sa
Andrew Gn: Andrew Jen (rhymes with “pen”)
Anya Hindmarch: Awn-ya Heind-march
Armani Privé: Are-mahn-ee Pree-vay

Badgley Mischka: Badge-lee Meesh-ka
Balenciaga: Bah-len-see-a-ga
Balmain: Bahl-mahn
Bebe: Bee-bee
Behnaz Sarafpour: Bay-naz Seh-raf-poor
Bottega Veneta: Bo-ttayga Ven-e-ta
Burberry Prorsum: Burr-bury Proar-sum

Carolina Herrera: Care-o-lee-na Her-air-ra
Cesare Paciotti: Che-sah-ray Pah-cho-tee
Chaiken: Chay-ken
Charriol: Sha-ree-ol
Chloé: Klo-ay
Christian Louboutin: Kris-tyen Loo-boo-tahn (rhymes with the French word “vin”)
Coco Rocha: Ko-Ko Row-sha
Consuelo Castglioni: Kon-sway-low Cass-till-e-an-ee

Dolce & Gabbana: Dole-chay and Gab-bah-nah
Doo.Ri: Doo-ree
Dries Van Noten: Drees Van Know-tin

Elsa Schiaparelli: EL-sa She-a-pa-REHL-lee
Erdem Moralioglu: Ur-demm Mor-al-e-o-glue
Ermenegildo Zegna: Er-men-a-geel-do Zen-ya

Gareth Pugh: Gare-eth Pew
Giambattista Valli: Jam-ba-tee-sta Valley
Giles: Jylez (not Gillies as it was once pronounced by an intern)
Givenchy: Jhee-von-shee (not Ga-vin-chee a la Whitney Port)
Giuseppe Zanotti: Ji-sepe-ee Za-not-ee

Halston: Hall-stun
Hanii Y: Han-ee Y
Hedi Slimane: Eddy Sli-main
Hermès: Air-mez
Hervé Léger: Uhr-vay Lay-zhay
Hussein Chalayan: Who-sane Sha-lie-an

Irina Lazareanu: Eye-ree-na La-za-ree-new

Jean Paul Gaultier: Jawn Paul Go-tee-eh
Joeffer Caoc: Joe-fur Kay-ock
Juergen Teller: Yur-gen Tell-ler

Kwiat: Kwee-aht

Lanvin: Lawn-vahn (rhymes with “vin,” as in the French word for “wine”)
Loewe: Low-ev-aeh
Louis Vuitton: Loo-wee Vee-than

Madame Grès: Ma-dam Gray
Manbocher: Mayn-bow-shay
Marchesa: Mar-kay-sa
Miu Miu: Mew Mew
Miuccia Prada: Mee-ew-cha Praa-daa
Monique Lhullier: Mo-neek Loo-lee-ay
Moschino: Mo-ski-no

Narciso Rodriguez: Nar-see-so Raw-dree-gez
Net-A-Porter: Net-A-Por-tay (rhymes with prêt-a-porter, en francais s’il vous plait!)
Nicolas Ghesquière: Ni-co-la Jess-kee-air

Olivier Theyskens: Oh-liv-ee-yay Tay-skins

Pauric Sweeney: Pore-ig Swee-knee
Phi: Fee
Pierre Cardin: Pee-air Kar-dain
Proenza Schouler: Pro-en-za Skool-er

Ralph Lauren: Ralph Lauren (as in Lauren the girl’s name, not Sophia Loren)
Rei Kawakubo: Ray Kah-wah-koo-bow
Rodarte: Row-dar-tay

Sonia Rykiel: Sawn-ya Ree-kee-eel
Sophia Kokosolaki: So-fee-ah Ko-ko-sa-lah-kee

Thakoon: Ta-koon
Thien Le: Tee-yen Lay
Thierry Mugler: Tee-air-ree Mew-glur
Tibi: Tbi (not Tee-bee)
Tocca: Toe-ka
Tse: Say

Versace: Vur-sah-chee
Vionnet: Vee-oh-nay

Yohji Yamamoto: Yo-jee Ya-ma-mo-toe
Yves Saint Laurent: Eev-Sayn Lorahn (the T is silent)

Sound like you know, yo!
via for the love of fashion


Monday, November 16, 2009

Hellllo Red

Amy Adams by Max Vaduku


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh, so this is where they keep the light

The darkness of this season is dreadful
Take a peak into Ashley Ann's DIY
nursery for a quick pick me up.
See before and after here


Thursday, November 12, 2009


Yo punk,
Dont dim my shine!
via dutch glamour


Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Veterans Day


Art of Trench


All the best things about Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 RTW
...A little dash of ruched wedding fun, a mini scoop of mint ice cream and
a large helping of the classic Burberry trench, make for all the loveliness that is
Burberry's Spring season.
In other Burberry news:
Check out the Art of Trench website to see the many ways the iconic coat is worn throughout the world.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hot Damn

Sure sure sure, homegirl's been featured before.
Both on the sidebar and the main-stage, but little queen's got a style
worth discussing again.
Here again for your styling pleasure, is the glamourai

Worried how to style your season old goucho-eque pants or casual plaid top?
No fear dear, our girl will show us the way.

Of particular interest to our budgeted crew is her incorporation of 12by12 and h&m goodies
shots via theglamourai


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some order

What did we learn from Katy Perry from this post?
How to look fly amidst the chaos
Via thecobrasnake..again