Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dirty Pieces of Meat

Sometimes I think too hardily about the idea that human beings are just dirty pieces of meat with eyes. When an elderly and slightly senile coworker of mine first expressed this view point, I dismissed it. “WE are much more than that,” I thought. We have the ability to make morally sound decisions. WE can formulate a sentence in such a way as to elicit extreme emotions from another human being. WE have emotions. Then! I thought harder. Dirty? Yes. Pieces of meat? Yes. With eyes? Yes. As we (read “I” if it settles you) continue to fail in our moral and conversational tasks, I can’t keep my mind from lumping humans and dogs into the same category. It’s a disconcerting idea that warrants more thought. Anyway, it is for this reason that I had to feature this ludicrously crude editorial on my blog today. The very appropriately titled “DOGGING” was shot for V Magazine by Steven Meisel with the English defination of "Dogging" (public sex acts) in mind. Please check it out for the shoes, if nothing else

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