Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh just kickin it in the Universe

One trip around the galaxy with these space inspired artists and designs. I noticed the trippy space pattern when I could not turn the TV on without catching Liv Tyler's tear stained cheeks in Armageddon. What is it with that movie being on all day everyday? Its like CSI.

Space EXIBT A:
Risto Bimbiloski-Parisian-based knitwear and eco fashion designer with his universe print
Photos via NY Times

Space EXHIBIT B: NY Times best seller, Death By Black Hole: and other cosmic quandaries by Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Space EXHIBIT C: Giles Deacon's Pac-Man inspired S/S 09 line. Pac-Man is a space video game, is it not?

And Lastly is band of the moment: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. I will feature a little ditty on the playlist for your listening pleasure. Sexual energy inspired tune "Around the bend" featured in Apple IPod Touch commercial. TAGT's most adorable member, Mette Lindberg WILL be praised in future space posts
GD photos via

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