Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pour it on

We layer. A tiring but still trendy look of the egomaniacal urban hipster movement. We're too complex, too spry, too skinny (and therefore too cold) to wear only one shirt. WE wear three. I love this. I've accepted it wholeheartedly. It makes dressing fun. We're creative too. The items we layer? Shirts? Obvs. Skirts? Yup. Dresses over skirts? Yes yes. Scarves and Jewelery. Shoes don't quite make sense but one could argue that a killer wedge(see post below) is a smashed version of a layered heel. Well I saw this picture and wondered why we don't layer bags. Its excessive, sure, but what in the fashion world isn't? I'm about to start this trend up and not in a "Im a working girl who carries a lunch bag, book bag, purse and gym bag during my morning commute" kind-a-way either. I'm doing it in a Friday night fashionista way. Ladies, who's with me?
Photo cred ? Thank you though

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